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What is ASMR? The best ASMRtists on YouTube

TOP ASMR channels on youtubeWith the development of globalization, huge amount of available information and increased stress situations, everyone of us has to struggle with it. There are many ways to struggle with stress and anxiety, getting relax and giving your body peaceful state.

One of the most popular ways to get your sleep better, to fall asleep fast and get rid of tension  is ASMR. So, let’s find out what is ASMR and why this phenomenon ia extremely popular all over the world.

What is ASMR?

What is ASMR?This phenomenon is a specific body reaction to a sounds that surround you, also there can be visual irritants.

Such sounds as: gloves or polyethylene crinkles, quiet singing, whispering, tapping on different objects, role plays (for example visit to a doctor of at the beauty salon). All that immitation of real or fantastic events helps to dip an individual into a calming atmosphere, gives the sence like the situation is absolutely real.

Human listen to the sounds which belong to one or another situation, fells relaxed and fall asleep deeply. Ofcourse if the person is ASMR sensitive. What is ASMR sensitivity? – this is the presence of a brain reaction to sounds that makes you relax and get sensations that are very similar to a slight tickling in the brain.

The therapeutic effect of ACMR and the refuse to take sleeping pills

Mosr people who joined ASMR community had some problems with permanent tense and fear, stress in their lifes and inability to get rid of it led them to ASMR. Also a lot of them couldn’t fall asleep in headache, ASMR helps with it very good. In some cases people refused to take sleeping peels because of no need in them – after listening to ASMR they fall asleep easily and had beautiful dreams.

What are triggers and what are they?

Triggers – sounds that cause a pleasant and relaxing feeling and there are countless amount of them, here are the main ones.

  • Crinkling – rustling with cellophane, gloves, washcloths and even slimes;
  • Tapping on subjects (wooden objects, glass, printing on the keyboard);
  • Sounds of rain and water;
  • The sounds of voices – whispering, unintelligible whisper, quiet talking;
  • Books reading and page turning sounds;
  • Sounds of ear or head massage, stroking the face and ears with makeup brushes;
  • Slow hand movements;
  • and even the sounds of the mouth, chewing, champing and chewing your ears)

Write down what your favorite triggers are.

Top 5 best ASMR channels on YouTube for complete relaxation

Write who your favorite ACMRtists are.

    1. Goodnight Moon ASMR

    1. Latte ARMR

    1. Pelageya ASMR

    1. Darya Lozhkina ASMR

    1. ASMRrequests


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