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What causes cellulitis? how to get rid of cellulite on back of legs?

what cellulite is and where does it come from? 3This topic is very sensitive for many girls, we do not care about shyness, do you need the result?

For a start we shall understand what cellulite is and where does it come from?

The female body is arranged differently than the male – female subcutaneous fat is very close to the skin. Men’s fat tissue is much thinner and deeper into the layers of the skin, so when it thickens, the blood circulation is reduced and fat fills the subcutaneous space, we do not see it. This is how lucky men are to have such body structure, and we – women still fight with existing cellulite or prevent its occurrence.

Causes of Cellulite:

  • sedentary lifestyle – one of the main causes of cellulite, as the blood circulation in the “problem area” is disturbed due to lack of physical activity.
  • drink enough of water daily – at least 2 liters, and you knew about it.! Water – a catalyst, it is necessary for the proper completion of all processes in the body. Not enough water = slow metabolism = fatty tissues in a fat storage, as they are not recycled into energy on time.
  • medicine – in this way (see above.) diuretics can cause cellulite. Hormonal contraceptives increase the concentration of estrogen in the body that makes fat cells increase. They, like a sponge, retain water in the body, the surface of fat tissue becomes “loose” and “crumbly”.
  • reduction of of food intake (DIET) – as soon as your body will receive the first signal that it is not enough food, it will start accumulate fat with a trebled force.
  • poor circulation into the problem area including and due to the lack of physical exercise. In general, poor circulation is not the cause of cellulite, but of fat tissue sealing, which later leads to cellulite.
  • bad habits – with the smoking and drinking alcohol your body gets toxins; lot of toxins gets into our bodies through eating fats and foods with high unhealthy food chemistry level* (mayonnaise, chips …).
    The slags and toxins are deposited in the body exactly in the fatty tissues, they slow down the blood flow in them, as a result the lack of oxygen does not break down fats.A vicious circle … the fat accumulates itself, and without any help it can not simply disappear.

The main rule: you will never get rid of cellulite dieting! – It is only the first step towards the reduction of of fatty tissue. Here you will have hard work. We wish you to have Perfect butt without cellulite!

Perfect butt without cellulite


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