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Wedding Tent Decoration Ideas – Marquee Trends of the season

The tent for the wedding – the most romantic solution

White marquee for the wedding 2Wedding celebration -is an important moment for every pair. Everything has to be perfect at this day.
One of the most important components of a good wedding (and any other holiday) is the premise where all the guests will gather to celebrate this event. The most advantageous option of wedding space at the warm spring-summer-autumn period will be huge tents that can accommodate a large number of people. The design and decor inside completely depends on your choice. Believe me, the celebration under a tent will be very romantic and memorable for all the guests.

The nuances that need to be considered

 There are many companies providing tents for rent. From the consultation you will learn, it also needs to take care of the air conditioning (or heating) of the wedding marquee, to make solid flooring and restrooms for guests. As a rule, they take these worries to himself, and you can enjoy excellent service.

Advantages of the wedding in a marquee

Let’s start with the fact that you provide guests with fresh air staying under the tent.  Another advantage is a possibility to install the tent and celebrate the wedding at those places where there are no buildings of the size you want, and nature simply charming – it can be a city park or a forest glade with the river nearby. Now you choose the decorations by yourself, but nature – is the best of them!

Last seasons trends in wedding marquees

Wedding pavilion 1Wedding pavilion 3Wedding pavilion 2Wedding marquee 4

Decoration of Wedding Pavillions with your own hands

Of course, it all depends on your wedding theme and colors you have chosen. Use imagination and let the existing nature in place of the tent installation tell you in what style to decorate the holiday. Use fresh flowers: a huge rose bushes in pots, ferns, grapevine, lavender in pots, willow branches as a decor.

The organic decor for a wedding tent 3 The organic decor for a wedding tent 1 The organic decor for a wedding tent 2 The organic decor for a wedding tent 4

Flying fabrics paper and streamers, ribbons, lights and candlesticks, different lights garlands – great space for imagination.

Decorating wedding tents with flashlights 2Decorating wedding tents with flashlights 1
White marquee for the wedding 1

Create a design of velor paper – it looks very nice and expensive as a specially  ordered decoration.

Be sure to arrange a photo zone where all the guests will be able to pose and have some fun in between meals and dances. Equip it with as many different details as you can, and the guests could play with them. These photos will be discussed later with a great admiration.


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