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Summer Trends 2016. Fashion. Hairstyles. Trends

In 2016, trends in hairstyles have changed significantly, but is it worth to wait for changes in fashion world? Designers decided to give preference to elegant and girly forms and left behind bulky jackets and heavy boots. But very few of heavy accessories and men’s shirts will never leave our wardrobe, anyway.

The pastel colors became the main trend of this summer

For example, chocolate, nude and ash gray again came into a fashion designers clothing collections. Especially ash gray took the place of the leader among discreet palette. The red carpet is no longer full of glamorous dresses, most celebrities expressed their preference for pastels, and feminine outfits.The pastel colors became the main trend of this summer
The pastel colors became the main trend of this summer 2

Crazy animal prints and graphics are present in outfits for several seasons

Do not throw away leopard dress, complete it with a not striking fashion shoes and a cute little handbag. Such dress is is very fashionable in 2015-2016. Designers also is recommended to wear a strip that is suitable for all.Crazy animal prints and graphics are very fashionable in 2015-2016Loose styles of dress will become an irreplaceable part of every fashionista. It is recommended to complement your image using leather straps, hats, brooches and collars. Bright accessories will also look good with a straightforward dresses.

Bows become a particular trend

They decorate blouses, dresses, skirts and trousers. It is also important that the bows are used in footwear and bags. This small detail will give a romantic and charm to every girl.ws become a particular trendLight scarves do not leave the fashion trends

Perfectly matched scarf will help you in any situation. Silk scarves are perfectly combined with business suits and dresses of midi length.
Fashion trends for summer 2016 captures several things to be combined.Dresses with ruffles and waves, leather belts, jackets and bulky accessories create a harmonious image, which is not necessary to overload. But do not be afraid to experiment and create new and unusual images.


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