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Should we use magic?

 stoit-li-polzovatsya-magiej 1A couple of years ago in the Israeli city of Haifa on the court’s decision at the divorce case affected the application of the spouse, what his wife  uses magic. Influenced in favor of husband. They significantly cut the amount of woman’s compensation in divorce. The explanasion of decision was: multiple husband’s betrayal  (which wife had insisted on ) are a consequence of her magical effect on his behavior.

Although, Middle Ages are long gone, somehow magic also managed to affect on the court. A terrible magic power, even influenced the incorruptible judges!

The word itself has in its composition the Greek root, and indicates that type of thinking, in which a person believes, it is enough refer to the secret knowledge and the rituals for solving various problems of a magisian, and these forces will certainly help. It is enough to turn to the magicians, sorcerers and wizards, who spend the necessary rituals, to help their “clients”, and, again, everything will come true!

Magic – an integral part of our veryday life

People in their daily lives produce magic actions without knowing it. These actions have protective properties (We suffice for the button when seeing a black cat), attract good luck (raise the coin, if it is “eagle”) etc. And all such actions carry a magical memory.

The story of magic has its roots in ancient history, when our forefathers ran out hunting with stone axes. They ran and tried to bring himself luck. To attract good luck, they drew the desired animal on the wall and threw in it their axes and spears. Strongly desiring to hunt successfully and all happened so, as they have dreamed. When the plans came true, the faith in otherworldly forces grew stronger .

Will the magic use solve all of your problems?

stoit-li-polzovatsya-magiej 2There are real people who have the ability to change the world around them without long tortures of their mind, then people say: «He – has a gift!». Not many of the ordinary people wonders what kind of gift it is, which is alike a curse.

The concept of “magic” has long and firmly established in our lives: shelves of magic stores are filled up with magical literature, from the screen are broadcasted astrologists and psychics,anyone it can take on the Web a short course of a magician craft. White or black? No difference! But to claim that any rituals with the request to the otherworldly forces can not be harmless is incorrectly!

We trying to “bend” the world for ourselves, and sometimes not even notice, how we go down to the level of ancestors, throwind their funny axes in a stone wall. So the question of the effectiveness, security, real solutions of your problems is still opened. Everything in this life should be paid. In this world that works for everyone what he believes in.


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