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Qualitative face skincare – simple and easy!

Qualitative face skincare - simple and easy!Facial skin – this is perhaps the most sensitive issue for each individual in terms of his appearance.

 You can’t hide it under your clothes, you can’t mask all imperfections absolutely, but the impression you make on people gives your face appearance and facial expression first of all. The face skin cfn be very sensitive, problematic, with a lot of imperfections.

Correct care for different skin types

There are three major types of skin, dry, oily and normal. Yet there are additional: problematic and combined, allergic and exposed to redness, etc. It should be a correct and high-quality care for everu skin type. It consists of several very importatn and essential steps. Don’t ignore them, because, in this case all procedures you take can be ineffective in the end.

Of course, every skincare routine differs from type to type. You should not to use one or another cosmetic for oily skin on dry face and vice versa. But, one thing you should remember always and everywhere is – you need moisturising – everyone needs moisturising. And, even choosing Cream for problem skin, prefer moisturizing, with antibacterial ingredients. Responsible and competent manufacturers have long ago taken care of a balanced composition of its remedies directly for each skin type.

While Developing such care cosmetics, laboratories consider all factors, and to the market goes finished product, which can  satisfy the needs of almost any skin type. But if the product is really good and effective if it meets all the stated requirements, then, of course, and the price is quite high. So, sometimes it is worth paying attention to the cheap and quite harmless products, which you can find easily at every drugstore.

Of course, the most “upsetting” can be a problem skin. Inflammation, pustules and comedones are unattractive and they live on the most visible parts of youy face. The human’s face loses its tenderness and attraction from this, self-esteem and mood is also suffering.  What remedies shouls we choose in this case?

A pharmacy Toner for problem skin

a-solution-of-chlorhexidine-a-pharmacy-toner-for-problem-skinA Solution of chlorhexidine. It can be used as a toner. It eliminates the bacteria on the skin surface. It does not sting, does not cause dryness, irritation and redness. In general, a gives good feelings. It can cause alergy only in case of intolerance to a component.

Toning and calming

Toning and calming chamomileA decoction of chamomile. It can be used for washing, and for making ice cubes. If your cosmetologist will allow, you can wipe a problematic skin with them. The point is, that wiping face with ice is contraindicated if you have extended vessels, hypersensitive skin and so on.

The best remedy to dry pimples

the-best-remedy-to-dry-pimples-salicylic-acidSalicylic acid. More specifically, its alcohol solution. This Remedy is very effective, but, you should be more careful with it.In order not to cause dry skin, you need to monitor it’s condition, use a suitable concentration. The skin of the face is usually wiped with a cotton pad, dipped in a 1% solution, 2% sometimes. Repeat 1-2 times a day, depending on skin reaction

Taking vitamins shows good results. You can take a course of multivitamins or use only necessary for the skin: these are vitamins A and E. They are quite inexpensive at the pharmacy, but you’ll have enough advantage from them.


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