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Paranoia doll is not like Barbie!

Параноя кукла шарнирнаяToday I want to tell you about the wonderful creation of the hands of the Korean artist Kai Hara – meet the Paranoia dolls. The creator loves Japan, drawing, read comics, enjoys photography, and she is very good in creativity and design. All these features of her character she showed us in their dolls. Not without reason they began to appear in the collections of  wealthy people, because these dools are real artworks and of course they cost a lot). Paranoia doll can reach 1,2 m  in length, all joints are moveable, so it can take any natural to human position. Its price goes up to several tens of thousands of dollars (!). The material dolls are made of – good quality plastic which reminds porcelain, That is why when you touch it, it reminds you a soft homan skin…unless cold. (how would you feel if the doll become warm from the inside? …creepy)))

кукла paranoia dollparanoia dollПараноя кукла шарнирная4

In addition to this the doll has a lot of accessories, clothing and other attributes that comes with of one or another model.

Well … yes … I like it!) They fascinate you with their shrill and indifference, their beauty,such a perfect and frightening. This is not a Barbie and they are not like the vampire Edward Cullen. I’m sorry, Edward, but you come out of the competition today.


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