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Ideal Woman: Men’s Opinion

Ideal Woman: Men's OpinionAll of us and me especially are interested in what woman should be to be extremely attractive to men. I asked this question to many of my friends male individuals.  They had to exsert their brain convolutions to express their views, they have kindly agreed to that)

That is the whole truth about the perfect woman, ghost, angel, beast, goddess.

The question consisted of a detailed description and was not limited with the appearance of the “object”, also needed to specify the ideal behavior, habits, character, hobbies. To simplify and determine exact requirements, I compared it with the computer choice at the electronics store. I thought it will be easier for them)) All this I will tell in short, and describe most clearly all characteristics of the ideal woman. I shall not speak about a perfect age, as the ideal woman has no expiration date, and that’s it ^___^/

After Hearing such question men cheered up and quickly increased their mental processes in the hope someday only for a moment see their ideal woman, and maybe not only see?…

And do you wonder what they think about it? The most interesting answers that reflect the general opinion. Judge for yourself.

  • Male №1:  hmm)) as the computer))) a woman is not a computer)))) you can not do it this way). The habits and skills, everyone is looking for his folly and intelligence, although sometimes the boys are looking for the silly girls, they can be easily manipulated, the most important to me is mutual understanding and similar life attitudes. Everyone can cook, and how to cook is another question, although I do not complain, I like a tasty meal and I am pampered with this )) What about profession? – though the diver, stripper or cosmonautit does not matter, the most important is mutual understanding)it is possible to find an approach to the character of every woman, manners – educated in the society and frankly in bed))) and about the ability to present yourself, if you live with a person anyway you can’t draw a veil over anything (if your only pair is not a deaf blind sea captain 🙂
  • Male №2: – Do not smoke (I do not like exhaust pipes, and immediately lost interest to such girls); to be able cook tasty; to have an interesting personality, to have some personal hobbies and interests. It’s interesting to talk with such girls. Certainly it would be cool, if we had 1-2 common interests. Especially if it is football :))) Just: not to smoke, cook and brains. That’s it!)   Oh, appearance: the main thing that you had something to take in your hands, but also could embrace the beautiful body)
  • Male №3: As for the habits and skills I can say, that she should not be addicted to alcohol and nicotine. Manners… she should speak properly, to be able to present herself well…Well, she should be decent girl, Firstly, but to be able to do silly things, too) golden mean: not shy but restrained… when it is necessary, cultural and tactful. Attitude to money: should’not use me as wallet, but accept gifts quietly without unnecessary disputes. Character? character should be 100%! Again, the golden mean, with the temperament)) For me, the ideal age – about a year younger than me. Profession does not matter, important to find vocation, and do not think that her job is the main thing in life. Physical characteristics are not important, of course in a relationship both have to take care of yourself, I do not think that it will be pleasant to see your partners exess fat, or hair in the places they shouldn’t be  etc.)Here’s another – about interests and hobbies – absolutely all, even if not similar to mine – no problem, even more topics to talk)
  • Male №4: Oh, what a question! You don’t get those every day)) I’ll try to answer. I believe a man can not know the exact characteristics of his ideal woman. In my imagination it’s very blurred, because at my age I haven’t met such a girl before… but, when I will meet, I will be able to answer this question fully, maybe with photos.

Do not take this post seriously, for any human it’s weird to discuss this subject with strangers. But do not forget that there is some joke in every joke) I am very grateful to the men who took part in this article writing for daring to express their views and for that “point”, which was so correct and someplace romantic… in general, best compliments for you guys!)))

If someone has a willing to answer this question, write it down below at the comments window ) We, the women, will be happy to try to be perfect for you, I hope it will be mutually)

P.S. No man by preparation and writing of the article was not injured))

And what about the perfect man?


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