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How to identify and develop the abilities of your child?

What occupation your child tends to?Einstein said: “We are all genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live her life, considering herself stupid».

These are the words of the famous scientist, the owner of Nobel Prize in Physics, which in childhood, incidentally, long considered lagging from peers according to generally accepted criteria – speed of speech, vocabulary, etc..

What occupation your child tends to?

By studying the history of recognized geniuses, we can often see, that in childhood they were left to themselves mostly, and could choose their sphere of interests, for example, to read books from the home library. And since many of them considered underachievers, and therefore parents did not try to develop their abilities – they were not required to match some average standards and they could fully be engaged in their area of interest. For example, it was Thomas Edison, who invented the light bulb and the phonograph.

The same was with Faraday, the founder of all modern electronics– he was a blacksmiths’s son and he couldn’t atted school because of the lack of money. In order to feed himself he had to become a journeyman to a bookbinder. Binding books, he learned to read fluently. Especially chemistry and physics books interested him  – two disciplines, in which he later will make outstanding discoveries.

Let your child to try different activities and creative work, provide it with information as much as possible

Let your child to try different activities and creative work, provide it with information as much as possibleIn order to help your child to discover his abilities, it is necessary in as early age as possible to reveal his inclinations and interests. First, you can tell him information from various fields – according to his reaction, you immediately understand that particularly caught his attention.

Also it willl be useful to take him to a first lesson of each class. Instead, unfortunately, the parents often define by themselves what they would like to see their children in, and then force the child to perform their requirements.

Also, a lot of information a child receives at kindergarten or during school hours, do not neglect their importance, it is better to prepare a child for school thoroughly.

Personal ambitions of parents – not the best way to achieve success

Personal ambitions of parents - not the best way to achieve successAnd the most important thing, whatever activity your child chose, you should take it as it is, but not embody in just the grown child your iwn childhood unrealized dreams. For example: mum in the childhood really wanted to visit the section of dancing, but her parents were not able to pay for it, and now she every way tries to make her son/daughter learned to dance, even thou the child doesn’t like it at all. The most important thing – it is occupation for the child with pleasure and zeal, then certainly successful results will appear, because the tallent is 99% of hard work and only 1%  of predisposition.

Every attentive parent knows, what abilities are developing his beloved baby, and the main our role is – support, help and unconditional faith in your child’s success in any undertaking!


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