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How does stretching influence on muscle growth? Stretching – is harmful or important?

The correct stretching and its effect on musclesThat happens while you stretch your muscles:

  • increasing of the muscle strength and endurance;
  • increasing the volume of muscle mass (in combination with power load);
  • restore elasticity of muscles after weight training;
  • preventing of muscle aging.

As you can see, the correct stretching has many advantages, that you have to feel for yourself. To do this, you need to stretch correctly, not to harm your health and get only a positive result.

Proper stretching

To do stretching, even the most simple, we learn on physical education classes at school. To really stretch your muscles, let them recover, speed up the movement of blood in the vessels and get the nutrients into every cell, stretching must be done properly and not thoughtlessly. Properly doing the stretch for the whole body, especially on the feet, you can at a very short time to sit on twine (tested on itself). Stretching on the whole body before and during the exercise

You can start stretching if your body and muscles are warmed up and relaxed, you do not hurry up and fully focused on the process. Spend 10-15 minutes on a simple exercises, let the warmth spread through the body, and then move on to stretching exercises. If you feel some stiffness or sharp pain in muscles or joints, stretching should be canceled. The consequences can be very sad.

The correct stretching is when during exercise, you will not feel pain, but only a slight stretch in the muscles. Do the exercises regularly, and every next time you will notice that they has become much easier to do. This is how works. Avoid hurry.

When to stretch: before or after a workout?

To achieve dihherent purposes we do stretchind at different times of training:

  1. Before training: it can increase muscle flexibility, you will be able do the exercises better and become more hardy. It reduces the risk of muscle injury.
  2.  Doing stretching between sets your muscles will be able to stand the loading and recover more quickly between sets. It gives a proper blood circulation, fills with it all muscles before next loading.
  3. Do stretching after a workout and you ease the pain and body aches. The muscles will be able to recover a little bit faster and when you will come to the gym at next  time, it will be easier to start exersises. Your body will be ready for it.

The rules of effective stretch - a good result for muscles

Now, remember the “stretching” rules that can not be broken:

  • warm up your muscles
  • it is dangerous to stretch with strain the muscle. The muscles should be relaxed.
  • do not hurry. Listen to your body. Do not stretch in spurts.


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