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Fighting Cellulite. Fundamental Rules

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How to get rid of cellulite peelThe presence of cellulite is not necessary means overweight. Often, women with a slender figure also suffer from this problem. Orange peel is a very unpleasant topic that lives in the mind of every woman, and becoming more and more obsessive when spring comes. When you take off your warm clothes, it means show to the world your figure disadvantages. Cellulite is an aesthetic problem that can turn life into an endless and extremely heavy struggle. Now then you understand the causes of cellulite, let’s discuss the mechanism of getting rid of this problem.

How the cellulite appears?

Fat cells are formed in the subcutaneous tissue, these cells are called by experts as adipocytes. They play an important role in the metabolism of fats, as they are engaged in the synthesis of it. The adipocyte weight is from 20 to 25% of the weight of the woman. When their number increases, the subcutaneous tissue is deformed, and associated with it water retention causes to the formation of bumpy skin or it is also called “orange peel”.

Often this insidious phenomenon is related to blood problems, compliance of radical diets and sedentary lifestyle. Some of the existing on the market products for weight control are already appropriate for the fight against cellulite, especially if their ingredients are completely herbal.

Regular physical activity

cellulite causes and curesLight and regular physical exercises to fight cellulite, every day, even at home, are extremely beneficial for the body and helpful, have a very positive effect. Swimming twice a week – it is also an effective method in the fight against excess weight. The combination of exercise, sensible eating and receiving plant medicines for weight loss, stimulate blood circulation and regulate appetite and at the same time enhance mood and self-confidence.

Also, especially for young people, very helpful are dancing as fast dance rhythms increase calorie burn and contribute to the normalization of body weight. Begin with light exercises and every day gradually increase physical activity, for example, one hour of walking or cycling. Physical activity is necessary, but, like with the food, do not overdo it.

It will be stress for the body, if after a passive state you take the heavy load. It is the same as changing the transition from abundant meal to a full hunger. The main thing – that the load was easy and gradual. Muscle overload leads to isolation of lactic acid which also has toxic effects on the body.

The Balanced Diet

Fighting cellulite - diet and proper nutritionNutrition is one of the most important factors for the life tonus of the body. Improper diet and the fight against extra kilograms – it’s impossible! The main requirement is that the food was varied and nutritious.

  • Eat Proteins in large quantities – 70-100 g per day.
  • Reduce fat intake, especially of animal origin to 30-40 grams per day.
  • Carbohydrates – to 150 g daily.
  • It is useful, at least once a week to conduct a fasting day with fruits and vegetables.

Good to eat sufficient amount milk and milk products. They enrich the body with calcium, and are essential for normal bone tissue at a young age, to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. You can eat moderately lean chicken and fish meat.

A good sign of a healthy menu are legumes: beans, lentils, peas and oats, but remember that it is foods that difficult to digestible. Good will be whole grain breads, rye, corn, or of the combined type.It is also useful to eat a piece of cheese in the afternoon. The consumption of low-calorie foods, fruits and vegetables, is essential for a good figure.

Radical diets – friend or foe?

Today modern medicine rejects harsh diets.Any diet provides some restrictions on food intake. That is why it is so difficult to keep the weight obtained after diet. If the diet is really well picked, you can slowly and surely get rid of the extra kilos.But there is no guarantee that the dumped kgs will not return again. Therefore it is recommended to gradually return to the usual menu and be sure not to forget about physical activities – exercises in the gym, or simply exercise at home.

Sadly, but cellulite occurs only in women body, and the fight against it completely falls on our shoulders. It is encouraging fact that deal with it is possible, you only need to do a lot of systematically work!


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