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European clothes. Made in CHINA?

Европейская одежда 2European clothes – is first of all the European quality standards, fashionable and stylish fashion designs, more understandable and acceptable in cultural terms for the residents of the former Soviet Union countries. Of course we can not talk about the boundaries of fashion, that exist in the world, although with the development of the Internet they will be quickly erased: traditional and national clothes long gone into the background or is only used as a holiday garb, It was replaced by comfortable everyday clothes. In our publication will be discussed European clothing producing companies, who produce fashionable and confortable everyday clothes.

Let’s talk about the quality of European clothing

Unlike illegal production somewhere in the basement of the Asian countries, “quality control” for all European manufacturers of clothing – are not just a beautiful words.

European clothing – This phrase has grown into a brand long ago, which is known as a benchmark, respected, consumers want to wear it, and competitors – to beat or at least reach the level of the rival.

I Can not but mention the world of high fashion (haute couture), because the world of European clothing begins with it. Expensive fabrics, many months of work, hand sewing, fitting, and eye-popping dress styles at the end of work does not show us the real situation: what clothes Europeans wear and and what clothing manufacturers they give their preference.

Famous European brands which produce clothes: H&M, Bershka, Esprit, Zara. New Look, Asos, Mango, Zebra, Next, C&A, TCM, Tchibo and others. Of course, that’s not all of them and you saw only the tip of the iceberg, but these companies producing clothing for the average European citizen are really worth to say about them!

European production of clothing? Someone else believes in it?

Of course, some small part of the very expensive and exclusive models of clothes are really produced in the European Union, but the biggest part of it is ordered in the Chinese, Taiwan, Singapore factories, even a small percentage is sewn in Ukraine and Russia, and all this because of the cheap manpower and production. You often could meet at the H&M’s clothing labels with inscription “Made in china” or even “Made in Ukraine”, so “it’s a business, babe!”.

Quality vs quantity of European clothes

When the manufacturer delivers the new portion of clothes in a shop, it comet a different number of different models of clothes, too. For example, statistics shows, that T-shirts and shirts are bought more by young people, and jeans – are bought not so often and by much wider range of buyers – from young to aged people. You also need to consider the possibility of different age groups to buy such clothes, in other words, how much can studen, courier or part time waiter in a cafe spend on a T-shirt. So, the decision about the fabric, quality and price is based on this data in final result.

European production of clothing? Someone else believes in it?

Now the question: which part of the clothes line will be sewn from a  cheaper fabric, and as a result, have a worse quality? why?
At first: here is not meant “a poor quality”, but “a litte worse” and that is acceptable for a low price. It is important to explain that the term “a little worse” does not go to any comparison with underground Chinese consumer goods. We have not yet come up with a word for its designation…

Secondly: Post-Soviet culture and attitude does not allow people to get used that Europeans do not wear clothes over the years, as is common in Russia or Ukraine, especially adult population. Therefore, during production the attention is paid to the composition of the material, its naturalness, ecology. A comfort of a human who will be wearing this clothes – It is important to manufacturer, but not “how many years he will be wearing it”,- a common word expression of the former Soviet Union.

And what about production? – why not entrust it to the Chinese? after all they really know how to do it.

The huge production makes mistakes?

Still it is incorrect to conclude that all of the clothes in European stores have very high quality /Well, it definitely  has higher quality of that clothesб  which is sold on the Post-Sovies market 🙁 /

Many ordinary buyers say that, for example, when you come to the H&M and NEXT store you need to carefully inspect Items that you liked,  as it is rare to find items with very good quality.Considering the cost, image and fashion relevance of these brands, You can say thanks to them for the opportunity to purchase 1-2 fashion items on the season by affordable prices for the average European sitizen. Because clothing brand should provide a good choice to the buyer, so these cheap things, too, should be in storefront and meet the needs of everyone, who came in the shop.

We can assume that enterprising Chinese person just changed the fabric in order to cheaper one and has made the product quite a different quality without informing the customer. Because it is clear that “than the fluffy your cat is, it is the harder to care for fur”, so the customer may not know about such a substitution. Such significant contracts are signed only with reliable partners and for many years, therefore large and reliable contractors always treasure their clients and will not risk their position.

The good news is that manufacturers of children’s clothing try “to keep the brand” and release to the market only high-quality clothing for European kids, that parents are able to buy all over the world via the Internet.

Исходя из всего вышесказанного хочется подумать о нашей стране, ведь здесь есть все возможности организовать производство одежды не хуже европейского уровня, а то и лучше, вот почему-то то, что есть продается по таким завышенным ценам и частенько с пометкой “дизайнерское”, что не доступно ни работающему большинству, а тем более молодежи. Остается выразить надежду на то, что в ближайшее время все изменится в лучшую сторону и одежда, которая производится отечественными фабриками будет скупаться европейцами на ура.


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