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Fortune telling

Should we use magic?


 A couple of years ago in the Israeli city of Haifa on the court’s decision at the divorce case affected the application of the spouse, what his wife  uses magic. Influenced in favor of husband. They […]

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The future is always attracts us with its mystery. What will it be? what events (good or bad) will happen in life, and if it’s something negative, how to avoid it?
The fortune-telling traditions around the world were supported and passed from hand to hand, from the grandmother to her granddaughter, from the magician to the student.
Even today, fortune telling – it is more a belief in otherworldly forces, and their help than fun or toy.
Let us understand the most common methods of divination and consider of their execution nuances.

Fortune telling with playing cards

Playing cards are not always used for entertainment, with the help of a deck of playing cards, you can find out what it was, what will be, with than the heart will calm down?

Each card is assigned with certain value, and should be defined the “top” and a “bottom” of playing cards by dots. In this case, we can interpret it in the rigtht and in the opposite sense.
Typically, this method of divination cards gives us a clear answers about everyday situations, as well as relationships or love.

Tarot reading

The most mysterious and mystical tool of divination – the tarot cards. 78 cards with fascinating pictures will answer all your questions accurately.There are many different decks of tarot cards, the most popular is the classic deck Rider-Waite. No matter on what kind of deck you get the fortune telling, it always gives a lot of information, it all depends on the wizard to read and interpret cards correctly. You can draw your own Tarot deck for fortune telling to yourself or others, and even in this case it will be wonderful to work with. It is worth mentioning that the Tarot decks differently reveal the kinds of questions: work and business, human relationships and love, health, karma and life purpose, the analysis of everyday situations. Experienced tarot wizard always has at its disposal several tarot decks of different authors and use them depending on the nature of the question, and general feeling.

Fortune tellingGuessing on the arm

Until recently – a very common method of fortune telling, an association with gypsy fortune tellers and therefore causes some fear. Guessing on the arm – if science rather mystic. Palm reading – the art of fortunetelling hand, based on lines, features, forms and more. Physiognomy – the same thing, just as the object of fortune telling used by the head and facial features, the shape of the nose, eyes, eyebrows, lips. We can say a lot abuot a human character , and as we all know, the chfrscter often determines the fate.гадания 2

You can also tell fortunes on drunk coffee cup. Very similar fortune telling used by Arab people – fortune telling on the sand. The questioner should blow on the sand, and the master will tell the answer according to the forms, which are obtained.

Rules that can not be broken:

  1. Gratitude: Always thank the man who made for you fortune telling, even if you do not liked it. It is better to agree in advance, let it will be money will be money. When a predictor tells fortunes, he spends a lot of energy, return to him that energy back. The most universal energy – is money. Let’s give as much as you consider it is necessary to, but so that both sides were satisfied with the cooperation.
  2. Fell seriously about a fortune-telling process and to the information you get as a result. Try to not only get main information about your question, but also to take actions or get a lesson. If this does not happen, then consider that fortune telling passed for nothing, and that in the future will weaken you and the future teller but he knows how to deal with this, and you – don’t) so appreciate the energy that he spend and use the results for good.