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Beautiful manicure at home “CAT nails.” How to make a sharp nail form by yourself?

Beautiful and well-groomed female hands have always attracted amazed looks of other people.

Today I’ll give your instructions how to make very feminine nail shape on your hands. See for yourself – it’s looks wonderful, and also easy to do by yourself at home.

This “cat” shape of the nails is very comfortable to wear compared with the square-shaped nails. The only disadvantage of it may be excessive sharpness of the nail’s tip, so try to make it a safe beautiful, not to injure youself or others.

How to make a beautiful elongated “CAT” shape of the nails at home by yourself?

You can view the video instruction, where everything will become clear or follow the basic steps, which will help you achieve such desired nail shape:

  1. Mark the nail: done in order to define the “axis” of the finger, which will pass through the top of the nail. Often the nails do not grow straight up and slightly to the side.This is particularly noticeable with long natural nails. We do not want to “the top” of our nails looked in different directions. Take a pencil or marker, define the vertical axis of the finger. Put point benchmark, where the top of your nail will be located .
  2. Nail cutting,
  3. Create the desired form template,
  4. Saw the nail accordint to the template,
  5. Paint in any color your heart desires 🙂


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